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Kelvin Yu

Kelvin Yu, a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Naturopathy, he is a medical intuitive that utilizes Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, manual therapies, nutritional supplements and homeopathy in his practice. His treatments incorporate the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Acupuncture, herbal remedies, diet, nutrition, exercise and massage into a holistic medical approach Each patient is assessed individually and is continually monitored to assure that the best treatment protocol is being followed. Kelvin is licensed in Acupuncture Injection Therapy and practices non-needle techniques for those who are needle phobic. He offers free consultation via phone or in person and spends quality time with each patient. His basic belief is Nutrition is the foundation of your body, given the right nutrition the body can heal itself; given the right knowledge you can empower each patient’s pathway to wellness.

Kelvin is a holistic healer with a genuine passion for helping everyday people through the art of acupuncture, nutritional healing and massage therapy. At a chance meeting with a traveling acupuncturist from China he learned firsthand the healing gifts afforded by Traditional Chinese Medicine. In his mid 20’s he made lifestyle changes based on holistic healing. Amazed by the benefits it served as a touchstone for him to base his career path on helping others reclaim their health and vibrancy. He received his Bachelors degree in Philosophy in 1999, a masters in Acupuncture in 2010 as well as completing a two year internship under a naturopathic doctor. Achieving an emotionally balanced, physically thriving and spiritually connected life is what he strives to bring each patient.

Kelvin Yu Regenerative Healing

Dr. Angelica Napolitano

Angelica Napolitano is a TPI Certified Doctor of Physical Therapy, and the proud owner of Optimal Physical Therapy and Wellness in Jupiter, Florida. Dr. Napolitano is committed to working with individuals through the creation of powerful and effective lifestyle transformations that prevent and solve physical challenges. As the expert, she is able to successfully evaluate, diagnose and treat the true source of dysfunction or pain that may be limiting you from reaching your personal goals, and becoming your best self. Growing up in Jupiter, FL, Dr. Napolitano naturally developed a passion for the game of golf. This passion has greatly influenced her practice, leading to the development of her niche which primarily focuses on sports medicine and rehabilitation specific to the rotational athlete (i.e. Golf/tennis).As a physical therapist, Dr. Napolitano offers services that provide the patient with a first-class experience, delivering quality of care in a convenient, elite and private manner. She believes in fully investing herself to the patient’s needs by creating long term relationships that promote a mutual understanding of each patient’s values, goals and aspirations. This enables both Dr. Napolitano and her patients to make the necessary and significant life changing transformations together.

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